Sculpture Fair -2019
Dimensions Unrestrained

Show, at Radio Club, to be Inaugurated by Shri Uttam Pacharne, Chairman of Lalit Kala Akademi, at 40m on 21/02/2019 followed by lighting of Lamp by Shri Adwaita Charan Gadanayak, Director – General, NGMA

We are doing a First of its kind and unique “Sculpture Exhibition” dedicated only for sculptors, where-in sculptors from all over India and may even from abroad will be having their creations displayed that would attract thousands of visitors. The venue of the exhibition “Radio Club Ground” is an exquisite location surrounded by Arabian Sea on three sides and located at the hub of art fiestas of South Mumbai, where many private art galleries are located. This venue is visible from Gateway of India as well as from Taj hotel, the world-famous landmarks.

We are doing this activity mainly to promote sculptors. It has been observed that very few art galleries entertain sculptors and their art works. This platform in an upmarket and posh locality will provide for an opportunity for affluent buyers in the form of foreign tourists, opulent Art Galleries and random but high-class walk-in crowd visiting the venue because of its stark, absolute and exclusive visibility. The members of the premium Radio Club would be an added advantage.

The setting will give a feel and experience of a Sculpture Park. The participants will be having an opportunity to exhibit their works alongwith renowned sculptors of India Viz. Shri Uttam Pacharne and Shri Adwaita Charan Gadanayak.

There will be an award for best sculpture and the Sculptor will be honoured. Digital certificates will be given to all the participants.

The Modalities

We have volunteers and assistants who will look after the exhibited art works in absence of the artists. We will not be charging any commission on sale during the show. A digital catalogue will also be made. We are charging very nominal just to cover the expenditure. Minimum entry fee is Rs. 6000/- and with this the participant can bring up to 6 sculptures totaling to 6 cubic feet space. Per extra cubic feet will be charged @ Rs.1,000/- additionally. The participants have to pay according to cubic feet space. There is no limit for artists for numbers of works. There will be a Grand Reception Opening with Media coverage. Advertisement of the event will be through various media. Big banners will be installed on the site. There is special offer for large sculptures for single artists and is as per the incremental slab rates (Please see the pricing Excel Sheet for details).


A. 1’W x 2’H x 1’L = 2 cu.ft. —>If this the only sculpture, will be covered in minimum entry fee as it is less than 6 Cu. Ft.

B. 2’W x 2’H x 2’L = 8 cu.ft.—->Will have to pay Rs. 2,000/- over and above the minimum entry fee, i.e. Rs.8,000/-.

C. 2’W x 3’H x 2’L = 12 cu.ft. + 1’W x 2’H x 1’L = 2 cu.ft. = Total 14 Cu.Ft.—->Will have to pay Rs. 14,000/- (Rs. 8,000/-over and above the minimum entry fee.)

D. 10’W x 2’H x 2’L = 40cu.ft. + 1’W x 2’H x 1’L = 2 cu.ft. = Total 42 Cu.Ft.—->Will have to pay Rs. 35,000/- (As per the calculation in the chart in the excel sheet provided )

E. 10’W x 5’H x 5’L = 250cu.ft. + 5’W x 5’H x 5’L = 125 cu.ft. = Total 375 Cu.Ft.—->Will have to pay Rs. 86,500/- (As per the calculation in the chart in the excel sheet provided )

Accordingly, the participant has to calculate the entry fee.

The participants are required to bring their own pedestal(s) for their sculpture(s). The pedestal should be white in colour and aesthetically built. However, we are ready to provide customized pedestal(s) on rental basis, for which an order has to be placed at least 15 days in advance of the event. The rentals for pedestal(s) are Rs. 500/- Per Cu.Ft. (An excel sheet is being provided for calculation of cost.)

There are no height, length or number restrictions. Seats are limited and entries will be accepted on “First come first booking” basis as well as on the basis of selection after screening process. The selection process is immediate after approved of artwork through whatsapp / e-mail.

Revised Participation deadline: 31st January 2019

(The works are required to be placed by 9 AM on the 1 st day of the Show. Unsold works are to be taken away by the participants on the last day by 10 PM. The “India Art Times” management will not be responsible for any left-over work after the show is over.)

All the entry fees are inclusive of GST. There will be special stalls for ceramic and installations on request. Deadline for entries submission: 15th January 2019.


Online Showcase of selected entries

Selected entries will be displayed free of cost on our website for lifetime. For any subsequent sales through the website, commission @33% would be chargeable.

Instrumental Musical Festival

There will be live instrumental musical performances in the evenings on all four days from 5 pm – 10 pm to enhance the feel and richness.

Organized/supported by:

Ghanshyam G. Art & Design (Studio)/ Art House

(Team India Art Times.)

Mobile: 9653209740 / 9322649315

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Bank details for entry fee payment:


Kotak Mahindra Bank, Evershine Aangan, Plot No. 4, Jawahar Nagar, Mumbai – 400 062, Maharashtra, India.

Account No. : 9612960412

IFSC Code : KKBK0000643